Stop and Smell the Successes

There has been a lot of changes in technology in our school district this school year. Heck, there have been a lot of changes in our education system period. I'm not saying this is a bad thing, actually there's a lot of positive things about changing and growing. I believe that a lot of educators are stressed over all of the changes that are happening. According to the Wall Street Journal, "Half of America’s public school teachers say they feel great stress several days a week and are so demoralized that their level of satisfaction has dropped 23 percentage points since 2008 and is at its lowest in 25 years, according to an annual survey of educators."

I live in the growth mindset of always trying to grow and better myself and those around me. I'm not sure how to live any other way, but it can be quite exhausting sometimes. When you're always looking for ways to improve it can be easy to forget or overlook all of the things that were great this time around. I have been making it a point this year in meeting with my teachers and in my own thinking to take more time to stop and smell the successes. Celebrating the things that we have done right gives us courage and empowerment to continue growing.

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