Yeah Butters

At the beginning of March I attended the +EdTechTeam's Future Ready Summit at Leyden. It was probably one of the best professional development experiences I have ever had. The energy and excitement was palatable, but it was more than that. Everyone was focused on possibilities. The "could bes" and "should bes" but most importantly how to make those things actually happen. It wasn't a magically fairyland devoid of challenges, but the focus was on advancement and there was problem solving in the air. I left the summit excited about the possibilities, about being in education, and about life in general. I wish I could bottle that up and take a dose everyday. There were times this past year that I could have used a double dose. Heck there were times I would have passed that bottle of positivity and problem solving around. 

The truth is that not everyone has that focus. There are certain people that actually take away from that focus and energy. They are the people that when you're trying to solve a problem or make a change that always have a "Yeah... but" response. They focus on the challenges, the things that could go wrong, or how things were. Although considering the challenges is an important part of the decision making process it can't be the focus. If you focus on all of the negatives you'll never accomplish, advance, and make positive change. You'll keep yourself and others from excellence. So the moral of the story is, " Don't be a 'Yeah But'-ter, because they clog the arteries to excellence."

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