Innovation Incubator Launch

Students need the time, space, and support to be problem solvers in their schools and communities. I am confident that a lot of teachers want to be able to support their students that way, but a lot of them need support to do that. At the GEG Leadership event a couple weeks ago I proposed an idea that turned into Innovation Incubators. The idea is that teachers will apply to participate in a school year long problem solving experience. Over the summer teachers will attend a professional learning opportunity all around design thinking. Teachers, with a group of students, work together to identify a community based problem, experience a design thinking process, get feedback from each other and develop an action plan. Over the year there will be checkins to help keep teams on track. In the spring teams will create videos of their journey and will be invited to share those stories in a large group event and celebration.

I am super geeked! We opened the application this week! If you are interested in supporting a group of students in being community problem solvers consider applying!

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